George & Chelsea 


We provide a unique experience and a dynamic alternative to weekly couples therapy sessions. We offer couples private intensives, retreats, and workshops together as a couple.

Working with couples together allows both our male and female perspectives as well as our diverse, nontraditional approaches to remain present in the room.

We will take your side.

We understand the hardships that accompany long-term relationships, and how past traumas impact our present connection with our partner. We are not the “perfect” couple, and have to work daily on our own relationship.

We know firsthand what it takes to maintain love long-term, and have a passion for helping couples succeed in their relationship at any stage. We are committed to making our own marriage last, just as we are committed to making yours last.

The divorce rate in Orange County is nearly 75% - don't be another statistic!

Statistics are the stories without the tears.

Research shows couples who work through their marital problems are happier 5 years later than couples who give up.

It may take one person to make a marriage unhappy, but it takes two being able to work together to make it happy.

Make the decision now to find the happy life you both signed up for.

We began dating in our last year of college where we were both psychology majors - George at Cal State Fullerton, and Chelsea at UCLA.  After 3 years of time off, we decided to go back to school to earn our masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy at Azusa Pacific University.  Our relationship survived through graduate school, and we were engaged and married after earning our degrees. 

We have had the greatest honor of becoming parents, and we have also had the immense privilege of traveling the world together. Our world travels have included visiting Kenya twice to do clinical work and cross-cultural counseling with those who have walked through traumatic life experiences, and those living with HIV/AIDS.  Chelsea authored a children's book for HIV positive children, which is still being used in Kenya today.

Chelsea has extensive experience stateside working alongside those struggling with addiction/substance abuse, college students struggling with identity issues and self-harm behaviors, and is a female trauma specialist. 

George has extensive experience stateside working alongside those struggling with addiction/substance abuse, men's issues, a PTSD diagnosis, and is a millennial male expert. 

We are passionate about lowering the divorce rate across the country, and help couples work through the difficulties of their relationship while strengthening their marriage in different life stages through weekly individual counseling, couples intensives, retreats, workshops, and groups, so they can reap the benefits of long-term, imperfect love.