Weekly Couples or Individual Therapy with Chelsea

My style when working individually with couples is a creative approach to your relationship, offering each other understanding and insight into the unique world of your partner through facilitating new perspectives. I emphasize the coexistence of validation and diversity, giving you and your partner the skills and tools to strengthen your relationship in the midst of hardships. I utilize nontraditional techniques including EMDR and expressive arts therapies to access those areas that are difficult to express through language.

For individual therapy, I specialize in female issues especially those unique to wives and mothers.


Weekly Couples or Individual Therapy with George

When I work individually with couples I enjoy the ability to slow things down and explore on a more detailed level what has contributed to each half of the couples view on what it means to love someone and - just as important - have someone love you in return. I strive to create a level of awareness on both sides allowing the couple to look at each other from a different point of view.

For individual therapy, I specialize in helping men strengthen the relationships around them and focus on men’s issues of today utilizing EMDR therapy, the Gottman Method, and an attachment approach.