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Divorce is harder




A nontraditional and dynamic alternative to weekly couples therapy sessions. Weekly therapy takes a lot of commitment and tends to be a slow process. Private intensives are for the couple who doesn’t want to wait for the changes they need in their relationship to happen; the couple who is tired of not moving forward; the couple on their last straw; and the couple needing a refresher in their relationship. Our Saturday intensives offer couples the tools and resources to catapult their relationship in the right direction. You don’t have to stay stuck.

Sometimes you just need a change of pace and scenery to push the restart button on your relationship. Join us for a weekend getaway with your partner to help strengthen your marriage and refresh your love in a beautiful, hand chosen environment. This small group experience will help you reconnect with your partner as well as connect with other couples in similar stages of their relationship. Weekend retreats have a specified topic and curriculum and are offered quarterly with a limited number of spaces available.

To grow your relationship within a setting of other couples in similar life stages. Workshops offer a wealth of applicable knowledge to immediately equip you with tools which can be put to use immediately to benefit your relational happiness. Groups offer relational feedback, fresh insight, and a new perspective through the eyes of each member. Groups offer a "real-life" organic experience, and allows you the opportunity to learn from other couples through both their mistakes and  successes. They are generally 90-minute sessions and typically last 6-10 weeks.


What We’re Passionate About

George Fuentes and Chelsea Crow-Fuentes are a married couple who offer private couples intensives, retreats, & workshops for couples together as a couple. For couples who don't want to commit to weekly therapy sessions and are in need of a change NOW!


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Because of our nontraditional approach to couples counseling, we often get asked some questions. We’ve gone ahead and answered a few of them for you ;)

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