We specialize in couples in all phases of lifeengaged and still worried over sore subjects;  past traumatic experiences are affecting your present connection and future intimacy; the differences that drew you together are now tearing you apart; you've been married for decades and need to remember the beginnings of your love. The divorce rate in Orange County is at an astounding 75%! Don't be another statistic! Statistics are stories without the tears.

It is always more rewarding to restore a relationship than to relinquish it. No matter how close you are to giving up, there is still hope! Nothing is more important than investing in your primary relationship. Join us on the journey to build a strong foundation, mend your marriage, or renovate your relationship. Don't wait - join us on a double date, and say "I do" to making your love last!


Who we Are

George Fuentes and Chelsea Crow-Fuentes are a married couple offering couples a unique experience - we counsel couples together as a couple. Working with couples together allows both our male and female perspectives to remain present in the room, and we do not take sides. We are not a "perfect" couple, and need to face life's struggles and work on our relationship just like anyone else. We know the work that goes into maintaining love long-term!

We know how hard it is to ask for help, especially in your intimate relationship.  It might even feel intimidating to have two therapists in the room.  We strive to create a warm environment so it feels like a double date over tea while working through those difficult areas of conflict, talking through the "taboo" topics, and moving towards your goals of (re)building a healthy relationship. 


Accepting New Clients: EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS AVAILABLE CALL OR TXT or visit our Contact Form.

Our office is located in Newport beach- nearby John Wayne Airport on Campus Drive between Teller and Von Karmen.

5020 Campus Dr. Suite 37 Newport Beach, CA 92660