New Parents Intensive

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Research shows that marital happiness decreases after the arrival of your first baby. Let us start off by telling you we understand the struggles that come after the birth of a child (and even before!) - transitioning into the role of parents and having a tiny human being who depends on you for their every need yet can only communicate through crying paired with the lack of sleep, self care and extra time, all leads to disconnection with your partner at a time when connection is crucial to the health of your marriage and family.


Uniquely Supporting the Triadic Relationship

As a young family ourselves, we have been inspired to offer a unique therapeutic approach in which we invite couples to bring the baby along for therapy. This way you don't have to worry about childcare or spending the extra money. We are able to manage this therapeutic style with the both of us in the room alongside your little family. 

Therapy is often most needed during this season of parenthood yet it can be incredibly difficult to physically get there - having to not only coordinate your schedule with your partner's and a therapist's, yet also having to find childcare.

Couples Intensives and Workshops make it easier to manage your schedules but also allows real life parenting struggles you face at home to be present in the room and simultaneously worked through in the moment.


New Parents Intensive Counseling near you. Comfy offices near John Wayne Airport off of MacArther and Campus in Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Orange County

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