Congratulations on your engagement!

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and preparing your relationship to last for the rest of your life often gets placed on the back burner while other plans take precedence.

An important (and often overlooked) part of preparing for your marriage is premarital counseling. 

It can be easy to lose sight of your relationship in the midst of wedding planning and newly forming family dynamics, however, your relationship should be invested in the most during this important and exciting time in your lives

It is easy to understand why this is so readily skipped during the process of engagement. Premarital counseling lasts anywhere from 6-10 weeks, which is a big time consumer when you are both already as busy as it is!

Our solution to this problem is a premarital intensive. Committing to ONE 6 HOUR DAY could be the best investment you make during this marriage process, and should have a place in every wedding budget.

Lifelong love is priceless, and you don’t have to make a months long commitment to make sure your relationship is prepared for the undertaking ahead. The best time to invest in your relationship is now.

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Benefits of Premarital Intensives

  • Save your marriage before it even begins!

  • Only requires a ONE DAY, SIX HOUR commitment

  • You don’t have to make room in your already too busy schedules for weekly sessions

  • Learn how to maintain your love for each other in the face of future disagreements and adversity.

  • Strengthen your communication skills by identifying strengths, fears, dreams, values, beliefs, needs, and desires.

  • Discover something new about your partner!

  • Divorce prevention.

No matter who you are, all couples can benefit from premarital counseling!

Premarital Therapy

Why a Premarital Intensive?

Many couples do not experience issues that make them feel therapy is needed at this time in their lives, right? 

Chances are, there have been some issues that have come up from time to time in your relationship, yet never really get resolved. Unexpected and unforeseen issues oftentimes come up, especially during the engagement period. Family dynamics usually come out in full force, and it is helpful to have a neutral third-party to manage these issues that may come up before they turn into problems, as well as focus your attention on future possibilities you may not be thinking about.


Don’t be another statistic!  Make your marriage last a lifetime!

Prevention is key. It is easy to overlook small issues that, if not addressed, transform into large problems over the years. The best time to schedule an intensive is before you think you need it.

Before you say “I do,” figure out what you’re agreeing to.


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